Dan is probably best known for his global performances as The Rocketman® flying a "jet pack" at some of the biggest events around the world.

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Paramedic / Set Medic

Dan became an EMT in 1991.  Years after his stunt career, Dan went to paramedic school in 2012 and shortly after started Texas Set Medics.

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Licensed Pyrotechnician in California

Become part of the crew

T-Minus Productions llc.

Live Action Stunt Show production and coordination.

T-Minus Productions produced the first large scale Water Jet Pack show.  Over 5 Million were entertained!

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Pet Sitting Solutions

Your Creatures Comfort® was created and operated by Dan and his wife Shelley in 2010 and still running strong today.

Your Creature's Comfort is an in-home pet sitting, dog walking and peace of mind service for busy professionals and families on-the-go!

Territories are available.

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Dan's Vintage Website

Visit Dan's "Old-School" stunt website: from 2009

Featuring Pre-Rocketman adventures. Live Action Stunt Shows around the world, SAG stuntman for TV and Movies.

The Height/Weight measurements have changed...  The skills remains!


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This site is still being constructed.  Additional information, pictures and videos are to come...