Rocketman Worldwide

  • Rocketman™ Performances

    • Tournament of Roses Parade
    • Carnival - Rio de Janeiro
    • X-Prize
    • 1984 Olympic Memorial Flight
    • MTV - VMA Press Conference
      - P. Diddy Appearance
    • Royal Melbourne Show -Australia
    • LucasFilm & Lucas Arts
      - Boba Fett Flight, 30th Anniversary
      - Captain Rex, Cologne Germany
    • XBox, Halo Costume Flight
    • Sony, 3D Project

    United States

    • Santa Flights, Multiple
    • Snowball Express, Multiple 
    • TCU Stadium Dedication 
    • Texas Motor Speedway
    • Thompson Speedway 
    • Kansas Speedway 
    • Oklahoma State University, Multiple
    • Oklahoma City Parade
    • Las Vegas, Multiple
    • Dallas Cup
    • City of Celina Balloon Festival
    • DARE Rodeo
    • Neiman Marcus


    Switzerland, Dittinger Flugtage

    African Cup, Angola

    Istanbul, Turkey, Bar Mitzvah Flight

    Turkmenistan, National Day

    New Zealand, V Energy Drink

    Russia, Multiple Flights

    The Netherlands, Feyenoord Dag

    Mexico, Multiple Flights

    Japan, Multiple Flights

    - DTM, German Touring Car Masters
    - Multiple Flights

    Hong Kong, Ocean Park Opening

    England, Multiple Flights


    Dubai, Dignitary performances

    - Amazon Outreach, Amazon
    - Multiple Flights

    Canada, Bikers Reunion

    Austria, L'Oreal

    Finland, Midnight Show

    - Royal Melbourne Show
    - Carrollton Natural Blond


    • NCIS
    • Ellen DeGeneres Show, Twice
    • Good Day America
    • Penn and Teller
    • Guinness World Records Unleashed
    • Fact or Fiction
    • SCI-Q, Discovery Channel
    • TV Made Me Do It

The Rocketman ®

Dan was the last man to be christened The "Rocketman" ® and continues a 40 year tradition of spectacular jet pack performances for TV, Film and Special Events. This prestigious title was only given to a handful of successful hopefuls; those who survived the highly dangerous training to become professional Rocketbelt pilots. In fact, more people have walked on the moon than flew a Rocketbelt.

Dan's 15 year Rocketman® career didn't come easy. It took years of dedication and commitment; training and perseverance after a life threatening crash that left him literally scared for life.

A year after the near-death encounter, Dan hopped back on the horse (900 horse power to be exact). Dan eventually master the craft and began living his dream, entertaining millions of people in 25+ countries on 6 continents.

Besides entertained audiences world-wide Dan is also a paramedic, professional stuntman, licensed pyrotechnician and motivational speaker.

During his travels, Dan has experienced spills and thrills, near-death crashes and heart-felt moments. Dan continues to share his experiences though stories and video through his speaking career.

In speaking engagements, Dan shares the fun similarities between the various industries; funny jet pack stories with celebrities and stories of perseverance and survival after another serious life threatening, broken neck and PTSD.